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Cavalcanti-Adam, Elisabetta
Elisabetta Cavalcanti-Adam
Telefon: +49 6221 486-433
+49 6221 54-5064
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Zelluläre Biotechnologie

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Zelluläre Biotechnologie

Bereitstellung von wissenschaftlicher und technischer Expertise im Bereich der molekularen Zellbiologie: Kultivierung unterschiedlichster Zelllinien, primärer Zellen, 3D Hautmodelle sowie deren Charakterisierungstechniken.


The mission of the Cellular Biotechnology facility is to provide state-of-the-art technologies to analyse cell responses.  Innovative technologies to mimic the cellular environment and quantitative methods to study single-molecule to multicellular events are essential tools for the biomedical community.


The facility offers cutting-edge technological platforms in the field of biotechnology such as micro- and nano-fabrication and surface functionalization techniques, methods for the analysis of expression and dynamics of cell surface receptors (e.g., FACS, high-throughput microscopy). Additionally, the facility provides support for measurements of cell generated forces (traction force microscopy, design of molecular tension sensors, AFM).


To ensure the best support, users may access to the equipment only after attending training courses. Routine maintenances are performed to guarantee correct function.


Head of the Cellular Biotechnology facility is PD Dr. Dr. E. Ada Cavalcanti-Adam, supported by Dr. Rebecca Medda for cell patterning and microscopy and by Dipl. Biol. Carmen Sahm, for assistance in cell culture, sample preparation and FACS.

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