Cell Biology

Cellular Biotechnology

The mission of the Cellular Biotechnology facility is to provide a platform for scientists at the institute that makes state-of-the-art technologies for analyzing cell responses (whether  single-molecule or multicellular) available for cell biology.  A variety of surface functionalization techniques and methods for the analysis of expression and dynamics of cell surface receptors (e.g., FACS, high-throughput microscopy) are or will be available to scientists at the institute. Additionally, the facility provides support for measurements of cell generated forces (traction force microscopy, design of molecular tension sensors, AFM). The facility is headed by  PD  Dr.   Dr. E.  Ada  Cavalcanti-Adam,  currently  supported by Dr. Rebecca Medda for cell patterning and microscopy and by a technician, Carmen Feinweber, for cell culture and sample preparation.

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