Hell, Stefan W.
Stefan W. Hell
Phone: +49 6221 486-320
+49 551 201-2500
Johnsson, Kai
Kai Johnsson
Phone: +49 6221 486-400
Schlichting, Ilme
Ilme Schlichting
Phone: +49 6221 486-500
Spatz, Joachim P.
Joachim P. Spatz
Phone: +49 6221 486-420
+49 711 689-3610

Board of Directors

The leadership of the institute is in the hands of a Board of Directors (Kollegium), each of whom is responsibile for one of the scientific departments. (Directors are formally also 'Scientific Members' of the Max Planck Society.) The Kollegium is responsible for scientific, financial and organizational issues concerning the institute as a whole. The directors alternate in the role of Managing Director of the institute for agreed periods.

Stefan W. Hell

Kai Johnsson (Deputy Managing Director)

Ilme Schlichting

Joachim P. Spatz (Managing Director)

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