External Scientific Members

Sebastian Seung

Sebastian Seung is Professor at Princeton University for computational neuroscience. His lab uses techniques from machine learning and social computing to extract brain structure from light and electron microscopic images. [more]

Hermann Bujard

Hermann Bujard is Professor Emeritus at Heidelberg University. He was one of the founding directors of the ZMBH and contributed significantly to the field of infectiobiology through his research into mechanisms which control the activity of genes as well as their practical implementation for combating infectious diseases. [more]

Amiram Grinvald

Amiram Grinvald is Professor Emeritus at the Weizmann Institute of Science. His research focused on the exploration of cortical architecture and mechanisms underlying higher brain functions and enhancing optical imaging of electrical activity in the living brain. [more]

Herbert Gutfreund

Herbert Gutfreund is Professor Emeritus at the University of Bristol. His principal achievements have come from developing rapid reaction techniques to identify and characterise elementary steps in enzyme catalysed reactions.
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