Klug, A.; Crowther, R. A.
Three-dimensional image reconstruction from the viewpoint of information theory
Gilbert, P.
Ph.D. Thesis
Crowther, R. A.; DeRosier, D. J.; Klug, A.
The reconstruction of a three-dimensional structure from projections and its application to electron microscopy
Diamond, R.
Filtering in the Method of Least-Squares
Holmes, K. C.; Angert, I.; Kull, F. J.; Jahn, W.; Schröder, R. R.
Electron cryo-microscopy shows how strong binding of myosin to actin releases nucleotide

Axial Tomography by filtered least squares

We actually start out with the back projection

HTb, the right hand side of equation 2, is a vector derived from the observations that is central feature of the least squares method. Noteworthy, in the present context, HTb assumes a special significance; it is in fact the back projection! This comes about because H is a projector matrix.

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