Facility Leaders

Müller, Joachim
Joachim Müller
Phone: +49 6221 486-312
Fax: +49 6221 486-398
Bauer, Klaus
Klaus Bauer
Phone: +49 6221 486-468
Fax: +49 6221 486-585
Günter Giese
Phone: +49 6221 486-360
Fax: +49 6221 486-325
Körner, Anke
Anke Körner
Phone: +49 6221 486-428
Fax: +49 6221 486-455

Science Support - Facilities at the Institute

Science Support - Facilities at the Institute


The library of the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research is a reference library containing specialized scientific literature. It serves teaching and research in the fields of life sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, biology, neurobiology, biophysics and biomedical physics.



The Administration of the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research is divided into four functional areas / units (Finances, Purchase and Merchandise Management, Personnel Department and General Services); the Head of Administration is Joachim Müller. [more]

IT Services

The goal of the IT Services Group at the Institute is to support the scientific work by providing both Hard- and Software for the different services and applications.


Light Microscopy Facility

The Light Microscopy Facility is aimed to provide institute members and guests "low threshold" access to sophisticated microscopy and data analysis equipment, support and training related to sample preparation, data recording and analysis to stimulate communication and exchange of experience.

Works Council

Chairman: Klaus Bauer, Phone +49 6221 486-468, Room R.114. Assistant: Victoria Bader, Phone +49 6221 486-254, Room R.010 GH. Secretariat: Suzana Duras, Phone +49 6221 486-339, Fax +49 6221 486-243. The office of the Institute's works council is opened from Monday up to Thursday during the morning hours.


Max Planck House

The Max Planck House Heidelberg is a Conference Center and Guesthouse used jointly by the four Max Planck Institutes in Heidelberg (the MPI for Medical Research, the MPI for Comparative Public Law and International Law, the MPI for Nuclear Physics and the MPI for Astronomy).

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