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Bauer, Klaus
Klaus Bauer
Phone: +49 6221 486-468
Fax: +49 6221 486-585

Software - Development and License Management


At the MPImF, Software for scientific applications - both as standalone programs and as Add-On's, respectively Plug-Ins for third-party software - is developed.


The main areas are Imaging, Computing and Cristallography. To be featured is the development work of Michael U. Müller, member of the IT Services Group (CfNT) and Dr. Thomas Euler (CFD plugin for ImageJ, QDS, WinDRP), both from the Department of Biomedical Optics. Within the area of Web Applications, the development is focussed on PHP / MySQL based editorial boards and on development within Infopark CMS Fiona (Database and Templates).

License Management

In order to provide a fast and demand- as well as cost-oriented service for software products (operating systems, office software and scientific applications), a software license management was established at the Institute.

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