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Max Planck Society

Relaunch of the Websites of the Max Planck Institutes

The aim of the project is to realize a dynamic website of a Max Planck Institute using CMS Fiona in combination with Ruby on Rails and the new developed corporate design of the Max Planck Society. [more]

Web Services

Web Services

Content Management

Successfully productive at the Max Planck Society since the end of 2002, Infopark CMS Fiona was deployed at the MPImF in July 2006. Fiona is a very powerful Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS), which allows the adminsitration of several complex websites by a multiplicity of editors.

It also allows the complete separation of content, layout and structure and therewith to collect and to maintain different kinds of content and to publish them on a large variety of different channels (i. e., Web, PDF and Mobile Devices).

With its fine-granuled rights- and access management, every network user can maintain his own area without bothering the areas of the others; the Workflow Management ensures a constantly high data quality. There is no need of special knowledge to use Fiona, and it can be used with a modern Web Browser on every operating system. With the seamless, user-specific integration of external applications (such as BBEdit, Macromedia Dreamweaver), every user can continue to work with his familiar tools.

Relaunch of the institute website in 2013

In july 2013, the relaunch of the new external Website ( took place. At this, both the optical presentation (according to the new layout of the Max Planck Society) as well as the technical background (dynamic page generation instead of static export) have been changed to meet recent requirements.

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