Organizational Structure of the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research

Scientific Coordinator

Dr. Nana Keinath
Dr. Nana Keinath
Phone:+49 6221 486-390


Joachim Müller
Joachim Müller
Head of Administration
Phone:+49 6221 486-312Fax:+49 6221 486-398
Karola Klauditz
Secretary to the Head of Administration
Phone:+49 6221 486-203Fax:+49 6221 486-398


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The Max Planck Institute for Medical Research currently consists of four departments and seven independent research groups. They are supported by several scientific facilities and central services that build the imperative infrastructure of the institute.

In order to maintain a high scientific standard, an advisory board of international scientists regularly assesses the research undertaken here. A board of trustees, composed of scientists as well as representatives from industry and politics, supports the integration of the institute's work into the wider social context.



Managing Director: Joachim Spatz

Deputy Managing Director: Kai Johnsson

Head of Administration: Joachim Müller

Scientific Coordinator: Nana Keinath

Employee Representatives

Ombudsperson of the Institute: Jochen Reinstein

Section Member of Scientific Staff: Matthias Fischer

Equal Opportunity Representative: Elisabeth Fuhry

Deputy Equal Opportunity Representative: Heike Böhm

Board of Directors

The leadership of the institute is in the hands of a Board of Directors (Kollegium), each of whom is responsibile for one of the scientific departments. (Directors are formally also 'Scientific Members' of the Max Planck Society.) The Kollegium is responsible for scientific, financial and organizational issues concerning the institute as a whole. The directors alternate in the role of Managing Director of the institute for agreed periods.

Stefan W. Hell

Kai Johnsson (Deputy Managing Director)

Ilme Schlichting

Joachim P. Spatz (Managing Director)


The Faculty at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research comprises the Directors and all the other scientists at the institute with formally independent status. The Faculty works closely with the Managing Director and with the Board of Directors on matters affecting the institute.

Thomas Barends

R. Bruce Doak

Tatiana Domratcheva

Matthias Fischer

Stefan W. Hell

Kai Johnsson

Inaam Nakchbandi

Jochen Reinstein

Ilme Schlichting

Joachim P. Spatz

Rolf Sprengel

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