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Barends, T. R. M.; Foucar, L.; Ardevol, A.; Nass, K.; Aquila, A.; Botha, S.; Doak, R. B.; Falahati, K.; Hartmann, E.; Hilpert, M. et al.; Heinz, M.; Hoffmann, M. C.; Köfinger, J.; Koglin, J. E.; Kovácsová, G.; Liang, M.; Milathianaki, D.; Lemke, H.; Reinstein, J.; Roome, C. M.; Shoeman, R. L.; Williams, G. J.; Burghardt, I.; Hummer, G.; Boutet, S.; Schlichting, I.:
Direct observation of ultrafast collective motions in CO myoglobin upon ligand dissociation.
Preuss, S. J.; Trivedi, C.; vom Berg-Maurer, C.; Ryu, S.; Bollmann, J. H.:
Classification of object size in retinotectal microcircuits.
Kupitz, C.; Basu, S.; Grotjohann, I.; Fromme, R.; Zatsepin, N. A.; Rendek, K. N.; Hunter, M. S.; Shoeman, R. L.; White, T. A.; Wang, D. et al.; James, D.; Yang, J.-H.; Cobb, D. E.; Reeder, B.; Sierra, R. G.; Liu, H.; Barty, A.; Aquila, A. L.; Deponte, D.; Kirian, R. A.; Bari, S.; Bergkamp, J. J.; Beyerlein, K. R.; Bogan, M. J.; Caleman, C.; Chao, T.-C.; Conrad, C. E.; Davis, K. M.; Fleckenstein, H.; Galli, L.; Hau-Riege, S. P.; Kassemeyer, S.; Laksmono, H.; Liang, M.; Lomb, L.; Marchesini, S.; Martin, A. V.; Messerschmidt, M.; Milathianaki, D.; Nass, K.; Ros, A.; Roy-Chowdhury, S.; Schmidt, K.; Seibert, M.; Steinbrener, J.; Stellato, F.; Yan, L.; Yoon, C.; Moore, T. A.; Moore, A. L.; Pushkar, Y.; Williams, G. J.; Boutet, S.; Doak, R. B.; Weierstall, U.; Frank, M.; Chapman, H. N.; Spence, J. C. H.; Fromme, P.:
Serial time-resolved crystallography of photosystem II using a femtosecond X-ray laser.
Barends, T. R.M.; Foucar, L.; Botha, S.; Doak, B.; Shoeman, R. L.; Nass, K.; Koglin, J. E.; Williams, G. J.; Boutet, S.; Messerschmidt, M. et al.; Schlichting, I.:
De novo protein crystal structure determination from X-ray free-electron laser data.


Following a major reorganization starting in 2015, the institute has a new unifying theme:

the challenge of observing in real time and influencing the vastly complex dynamics of macromolecular interactions in the context of living cells – both in health and in disease. The four departments at the institute contribute to this project through their unique expertise in four complementary areas: macromolecular structure determination (led by Ilme Schlichting), optical nanoscopy (Stefan Hell), the design of novel chemical reporter molecules (Kai Johnsson) as well as cellular and material sciences (Joachim Spatz). The emphasis in this institute-wide endeavor is on developing new tools for biomedical research that are sure to lead directly to new results, insights and medical advances. Research at the institute thus continues to uphold the intention of the institute's founder, Ludolf von Krehl: to advance medical science through the close collaboration of biologists, physicists and chemists under one roof.



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8th Ringberg workshop on Science with FELs

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