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Ilme Schlichting receives the Spiers Memorial Award 2018

May 08, 2018
Max Planck chemist wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Award [more]
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Research News: How cells feel their environment

December 13, 2017
Cells ‘feel’ the structure of their surroundings through the force they need to pull at it rather than using a kind of ruler we would use, for example, to measure the width of a room. Researchers of the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Medical Research in Heidelberg and their collaborators published those conclusions in Nature last week. [more]
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Play of colors on demand

November 14, 2017
Drug monitoring made easily available using tunable luciferases [more]
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A stable shell for artificial cells

October 26, 2017
Scientists are developing cell-like lipid vesicles which can be populated with natural cell proteins [more]
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Shining a light on molecular switches

September 29, 2017
First structural insights obtained from femtosecond X-ray crystallography [more]
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