Latest Publications

Fischer, M. G.; Hackl, T.: Host genome integration and giant virus-induced reactivation of the virophage mavirus. Nature 540 (7632), pp. 288 - 291 (2016)
Eliava, M.; Melchior, M.; Knobloch-Bollmann, H. S.; Wahis, J.; da Gouveia, M. S.; Tang, Y.; Ciobanu, A. C.; Rio, R. T. d.; Roth, L. C.; Althammer, F. et al.; Chavant, V.; Goumon, Y.; Gruber, T.; Petit-Demoulière, N.; Busnelli, M.; Chini, B.; Tan, L. L.; Mitre, M.; Froemke, R. C.; Chao, M. V.; Giese, G.; Sprengel, R.; Kuner, R.; Poisbeau, P.; Seeburg, P. H.; Stoop, R.; Charlet, A.; Grinevich, V.: A new population of parvocellular oxytocin neurons controlling magnocellular neuron activity and inflammatory pain processing. Neuron 89 (6), pp. 1291 - 1304 (2016)
Barends, T. R. M.; Foucar, L.; Ardevol, A.; Nass, K.; Aquila, A.; Botha, S.; Doak, R. B.; Falahati, K.; Hartmann, E.; Hilpert, M. et al.; Heinz, M.; Hoffmann, M. C.; Köfinger, J.; Koglin, J. E.; Kovácsová, G.; Liang, M.; Milathianaki, D.; Lemke, H.; Reinstein, J.; Roome, C. M.; Shoeman, R. L.; Williams, G. J.; Burghardt, I.; Hummer, G.; Boutet, S.; Schlichting, I.: Direct observation of ultrafast collective motions in CO myoglobin upon ligand dissociation. Science 350 (6259), pp. 445 - 450 (2015)


At the MPI for Medical Research, physicists, chemists and biologists create knowledge of long-term relevance to basic medical science. With the arrival of three new directors in 2015/16, the institute has a new unifying theme: observing and controlling the vastly complex macromolecular interactions in the context of cells - both in health and disease. The presently four departments contribute to this goal through their complementary expertise: optical microscopy with nanometer resolution (Stefan Hell), the design of chemical reporter molecules (Kai Johnsson), macromolecular structure determination (Ilme Schlichting), cellular, materials and biophysical sciences  (Joachim Spatz). The institute has a distinguished history of fundamental breakthroughs, evidenced by six Nobel Prizes awarded to its researchers since its foundation. [more]


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9th Ringberg workshop on Science with FELs

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07. - 10. February 2018 [more]
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