Data Analysis

Steps in data analysis: an overview

Data conversion (between different file and data formats)

  • to prevent loss of dynamic range (12bit/16 bit data)
  • to convert from 12bit/16bit to 8 bit (for reading data with standard programs)
  • to convert for input into another program

Deconvolution (noise reduction, removal of blur and improvement of visible resolution)

Image correction

  • image stack alignment
  • crosstalk compensation

3D visualisation

  • stereo views
  • red / green anaglyph images (one channel)
  • LCD images (one or more channels)
  • stereo images (2 images side by side, one or more channels): Crystal eyes LCD stereo equipment is available at the two facility PCs
  • interactive 3D visualisation (geometry rendering, isosurface, Crystal Eyes with LCD shutter)
  • 3D voxel rendering
  • shadow projection (from top)
  • projection
  • raytrace
  • perspective projection

Further possible steps

  • Colocalisation analysis
  • Movie generation
  • Documentation of images and image series
  • Presentation
  • RGB prints on paper
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