Movie Generation on PC

Movie Generation on PC

Never work with original data sets, but make a copy to work with!

AVI type movie generation on PC

The AVI format is an uncompressed movie file format which can be generated with ImageJ and LEICA or ZEISS acquisition software or image browser.

ImageJ: workflow for Leica LCS generated TIFF files

  1. Make copy of image sequence
    1. Make temporary folder on PC
    2. Copy tiff files from a time scan into this folder (only one channel)
  2. Import image sequence
    1. Start ImageJ
    2. ImageJ -> File -> import image sequence
    3. Option: convert image to 8 bit grayscale - Lookup table (LUT) is preserved
  3. Apply color lookup table (LUT)
    1. Check for min/max gray values during contrast correction
    2. Plugins-->LUT choose the grey_gr LUT (or Hi Lo Indicator LUT)
  4. Adjust contrast
    1. For better visibility of grey values, the contrast should be adjusted. Adjustment should be identical for different time series of one experiment taken under identical conditions
    2. Image -> Adjust -> Brightness/Contrast -> Set (change Maximum displayed value to a lower value)
    3. Check by scrolling through the stack
    4. Apply (or Reset)
  5. Assign the final LUT
    1. Assign the final lookup table (gray for b/w movies: Image -> Lookup Tables -> Grays)
  6. Reduce image size
    1. Reduce image size to about 256 x 256 pixels
  7. Export to AVI
    1. File -> Save as AVI
  8. Add time stamp
    1. ImageJ: Plugins -> Movie -> Time Stamper
    2. save movie
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